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ABC News Sports
Subscribe To This Feed -- The moment has been viewed and shared by millions online: NHL player Brett Connolly trying desperately to get a puck behind the glass to 6-year-old Keelan Moxley.

On Sunday, Keelan and her family were rink-side as the Washington Capitals prepared to face the Columbus Blue Jackets for the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Twice, Connolly, a forward for the Washington Capitals, attempted to connect with Keelan. And, both times, the puck was caught by a man and delivered to a different child.

But on his third try, Connolly hit the glass, signaling to Keelan that this puck was going to be hers.

This time, she scored!

"I felt so happy. I felt, I felt amazing," she told ABC News today. "I was just so happy."

Her family said today that despite what others had said on social media, the people around Keelan at the time were not her family. Keelan's parents were actually a few rows behind her.

Despite the confusion and momentary disappointment that day, Keelan told ABC that she was super proud of her new prized possession. She's already taken her puck to show-and-tell at school. She also said that she bore no hard feelings for the children who'd received pucks before her.

"I felt happy for the boys because the boys were, like, happy," she said.

This weekend, Keelan will have even more to be happy about. The family will be heading back to the rink and this time the Capitals owner says he will give her and her family his front-row seats.

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New York Yankees/Twitter(NEW YORK) -- Members of the New York Yankees stood up in support of a 10-year-old Pennsylvania girl on Wednesday after the fourth-grader made a public plea to end bullying.

Cassidy Slater bared her heart to the world in a Facebook video shared on April 4, holding up a series of handwritten signs that explained what she felt like after being bullied for more than three years.

"One day during recess, a group of kids grabbed my purse off a teacher, and spit on it and me," one sign read. "The group of kids always come up to me during recess, trying to fight me."

"Kids don't even want to go near me," she added.

The video, shared on her mother’s Facebook page, had racked up thousands of shares and reactions as of Wednesday night, when the Yankees responded.

"Hey Cassidy -- we saw the video you made and from all of us here at the New York Yankees, we want you to know that you are not alone. We have your back," the team wrote on Twitter.

The team also shared a nearly two-minute video featuring several players holding handwritten signs.

"We know sharing your story must have been difficult, but you showed courage and strength and inspired us to reach out to you," the team wrote in the video. "We may be older than you, we may be taller than you, but we want you to know that we look up to you. You are not alone!"

"Count the New York Yankees among your friends! You can sit next to us at lunch anytime."

Cassidy's father, James Warner, told ABC News that the video "devastated" him.

"I don't know how to explain how it made me feel," he said, adding, "Even talking about it I get choked up."

Cassidy's mother, Jenn Slater, reposted the video to her own Facebook page after it was removed from Cassidy's account because of age restrictions.

"I will be my daughter's voice. I will share her story and I hope others will share too," Slater wrote in a post. "Her story reached 22k views before the Scranton School District contacted Facebook and her Facebook got shut down."

"This isn't about the shares or views or if it goes viral. It's about spreading awareness," she added.

Alexis T. Kirijan, superintendent of the Scranton School District, told ABC News in an email that "the district cannot share student personal information. Please understand you are hearing only one side of this story. The school is and has been working very closely with this young lady and her father."

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iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Here are the scores from Wednesday's sports events:

Tampa Bay 4, Texas 2
Detroit 6, Baltimore 5
Oakland 12, Chicago White Sox 11, 14 Innings
Toronto 15, Kansas City 5
Minnesota 2, Cleveland 1, 16 Innings
Boston 9, L.A. Angels 0
Houston 7, Seattle 1

Pittsburgh 10, Colorado 2
Milwaukee 2, Cincinnati 0
N.Y. Mets 11, Washington 5
Atlanta 7, Philadelphia 3
San Francisco 4, Arizona 3, 10 Innings
L.A. Dodgers 13, San Diego 4
St. Louis at Chicago Cubs 2:20 p.m., postponed
Cleveland 100, Indiana 97
Utah 102, Oklahoma City 95
Houston 102, Minnesota 82

Pittsburgh 5, Philadelphia 0
Tampa Bay 3, New Jersey 1
Nashville 3, Colorado 2
San Jose 2, Anaheim 1

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Harry How/Getty Images(LAS VEGAS) – The Vegas Golden Knights went into their inaugural season with a plan most expansion teams follow: form the best roster possible with a mix of veterans and young players while amassing draft picks in an effort to build for future success. Ironically, and luckily for Vegas, things did not go according to plan.

A mix of seasoned veterans like Marc-Andre Fleury and James Neal combined with impressive performances by young players like William Karlsson not only allowed Vegas to be serviceable in the Western Conference, but be viewed as one of the most dangerous teams in the league. The misfit bunch soared to the top of the standings early on in the year and almost never looked back, stunning its fans and the league as a whole.

Golden Knights general manager George McPhee soon realized come the trade deadline the team wouldn’t be looking to add more future draft picks, but build this young team for a playoff run. Acquisitions of Ryan Reaves and Tomas Tatar helped fill out the depth in the roster, allowing Vegas to be the first team to clinch a playoff berth in its inaugural season since the 1979-80 Whalers and Oilers.

If the story stopped there it would already be a fairytale, but it hasn’t. Vegas opened the Stanley Cup playoffs against the Los Angeles Kings, a team known for upsetting top seeds in recent years, and made an emphatic statement, sweeping them in four games. The Golden Knights became the first NHL team, and just the third team in the four major sports, to sweep its first every playoff series.

With the shooting tragedy that occurred in Vegas in October, the Golden Knights were there to give the people of Sin City a way to escape, even just for a  few hours, and rallied behind people who so desperately needed a reason to smile. The Golden Knights are an amazing story already, not only for just the NHL, but for the city of Las Vegas. And, the Cinderella story is not over yet.

Copyright © 2018, ABC Radio. All rights reserved.


Subscribe To This Feed --A former figure skater urged lawmakers on Wednesday to investigate the U.S. Olympic Committee’s handling of allegations of sexual abuse made by its young athletes.

Gymnastics, he said, isn’t the only sport with a problem.

In testimony delivered before the Senate Commerce Subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Product Safety, Insurance and Data Security, a copy of which can be read below, Craig Maurizi said figure skating’s governing body ignored him when he reported being sexually abused by the sport’s top coach.

“My story is a case history of the power of abusers and organizations to silence powerless child victims of sexual abuse in the relentless pursuit of money and medals,” Maurizi said. “When I [came forward], I was treated with the same disdain, disrespect and disbelief by the U.S. Figure Skating Association as many of the Larry Nassar victims who tried to report him to USA Gymnastics or Michigan State University.”

Attorney John Manly, who represents Maurizi and many of the athletes who accused Nassar of abuse, called for accountability for both abusers and enablers.

“These brave athletes and their families expect this to be the beginning of a process of accountability for their abusers and their enablers throughout the Olympic movement,” Manly said in a statement. “Their testimony will assist Congress in exercising its oversight authority to protect current and future athletes from physical, emotional and sexual abuse.”

As detailed in an ABC News investigation, Maurizi accused Richard Callaghan, who coached Tara Lipinski to a gold medal at the 1998 Winter Olympics in Nagano, of sexually abusing him when he was one of his students more than a decade earlier.

He reported the abuse to the sport’s national governing body, U.S. Figure Skating, in 1999 and told his story to several major media outlets. But Callaghan issued strong denials, insisting he had not abused Maurizi or engaged in any sexual misconduct. U.S. Figure Skating dismissed Maurizi’s claims without interviewing Maurizi, saying that he had waited too long to bring his complaint.

Maurizi filed a new complaint to the U.S. Center for SafeSport, the U.S. Olympic Committee’s misconduct watchdog, in January. The sport suspended Callaghan in March, pending an ongoing investigation of those earlier allegations, raising questions from leading lawmakers about why he was allowed to continue coaching for the past two decades.

When asked by ABC News following his suspension about the history of allegations against him Callaghan said he had no further comment.

“That’s 19 or 20 years ago,” he said. “I have nothing to say.”

Sen. Jeanne Shaheen, a Democrat from New Hampshire who has been calling for a special committee to investigate the USOC’s handling of sexual abuse allegations, called the governing body’s conduct “outrageous.”

“Why was it not investigated when it was reported? Why was Callaghan allowed to continue to coach for another 20 years before forcing him to step aside?” Shaheen said. “Those are the kind of questions we need to ask, and we need answers for those athletes that have been abused.”

A spokesperson for U.S. Figure Skating did not immediately respond to a request for comment but previously told ABC News the organization has a “zero tolerance” policy regarding abuse and pointed to abuse policies and reporting rules instituted in 2000, shortly after the dismissal of Maurizi’s initial complaint.

During the hearing, Maurizi expressed his dismay that no one had stepped in to help while he was undergoing abuse at the time he was a minor.

“When I think back to my particular situation there’s no way that dozens, if not hundreds of people didn’t know what was going on,” he said. “My question would be -- 'How do you live with yourself? How can you be so weak?'”

Maurizi also warned that predators still exist in the figure skating community.

“Rampant is a bit strong, but I’d say it’s very prevalent in the sport,” said Maurizi. "Coaches ... operate almost at complete autonomy. There's no mechanism in place.... Without any enforcement, people are able to do as they please."

Lawmakers, in turn, vowed to proceed with their investigation until they could get to the bottom of why the abuse was allowed to continue undeterred for so long.

“You were let down by individuals you trusted, but who chose to ignore you, to look the other way, or to deliberately cover up the abuses you suffered because their priorities, simply put, was not your safety or your well-being,” said Sen. Jerry Moran, R-Kan., who chaired the panel holding the hearing.

The scandal surrounding sexual abuse in sports has continued to grow since dozens of athletes reported a disturbing pattern of misconduct by Nassar that went unchecked by the people and institutions charged with protecting those athletes.

Maurizi, who later turned to coaching and still trains top skaters, says those trailblazing gymnasts gave him the courage to share his story again as well.

“Olympic medalists including Jamie Dantzscher and Jordyn Wieber revealed a pattern of disbelief and disrespect by their Olympic governing body, USA Gymnastics, that was so similar to what I experienced from U.S. Figure Skating that it made the hair stand up on the back of my neck,” Maurizi said. “These brave women gave me the courage to speak out again and I want to publicly thank them for it today.”

Maurizi closed with a direct appeal to lawmakers to exercise greater oversight of the federally chartered U.S. Olympic Committee.

“I respectfully ask you to find out why the USOC did nothing for decades while reports of child sexual abuse in many Olympic sports were ignored,” Maurizi said. “Who was responsible for this tragedy and how will they be held accountable?”

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iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Here are the scores from Tuesday's sports events:

Miami 9, N.Y. Yankees 1

Toronto 11, Kansas City 3
Toronto 5, Kansas City 4, 10 Innings
Detroit 4, Baltimore 2
Texas 7, Tampa Bay 2
Cleveland 6, Minnesota 1
Oakland 10, Chicago White Sox 2
Boston 10, L.A. Angels 1
Houston 4, Seattle 1

Colorado 2, Pittsburgh 0
Washington 5, N.Y. Mets 2
Philadelphia 5, Atlanta 1, 10 Innings
Milwaukee 2, Cincinnati 0
St. Louis 5, Chicago Cubs 3
Arizona 1, San Francisco 0
L.A. Dodgers 7, San Diego 3, 12 Innings

Toronto 130, Washington 119
Boston 120, Milwaukee 106
New Orleans 111, Portland 102

Washington 3, Columbus 2
Winnipeg 2, Minnesota 0
Vegas 1, L.A. Kings 0

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Scott Clarke/ESPN Images(NEW YORK) -- Former Dallas Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant expressed interest in continuing his career playing for a team in the NFC East division. One team that appeals to the former All-Pro: the New York Giants.

Speaking with, Bryant called the prospect of playing for the Giants "crazy," pointing to the team's talent on offense and defense:

"The Giants got a helluva defense... They're going to pay OBJ [Odell Beckham Jr.], so coming back. Playing with him, Sterling [Shepard] ... the tight end [Evan Engram], [Eli] Manning? Crazy. ... That'd be crazy."

Bryant also told it would "be fun" to play for the Los Angeles Rams after they reached the playoffs last season for the first time in twelve seasons.

Bryant was released by the Cowboys last week after playing eight season for the team. He was drafted by the Cowboys in 2010 and made three Pro Bowls during his time in Dallas.

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Allen Kee/ESPN Images(NEW YORK) -- Nick Mangold wore one uniform during his eleven-year NFL career. He took a year off after the New York Jets released him following the 2016 season, and now, he will retire a Jet.

Mangold announced his retirement on Twitter Tuesday morning, saying he will sign a one-day deal with the team on April 24.

Mangold, 34, had a decorated run as a Jet and was often regarded as one of the NFL's top centers during his playing days. He made the Pro Bowl seven times and was named a first-team All Pro twice.

In a statement posted to Twitter, Mangold said:

"Everything that happened from pee-wee football to high school football to having the good fortune to play at The Ohio State University molded me for my opportunity to play for the New York Jets... In my 11 years as a Jet, there were plenty of ups and downs but, through it all, I wanted to be the Steady Eddie... My biggest regret is not bringing the Lombardi Trophy to New York but, as I retire, I will continue my efforts to bring the Trophy home in a different capacity. I have no idea what that capacity is but I'm sure I will figure something out in the future."

Drafted in the first round in 2006, Mangold played in 164 games, missing the last eight of his final season in 2016 due to injury.

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ABC News(NEW YORK) -- Boston Marathon winner Desiree Linden said the moment she slowed down to wait for a fellow U.S. runner was actually a “turning point” for her in the race -- and actually prevented her from dropping out of the grueling race.

“We closed the gap and we were back in it,” Linden said today on “Good Morning America” of teammate Shalane Flanagan. “So it was a great turning point for me and kept Shalane in it and gave us a chance.”

Flanagan, the 2018 New York City Marathon champion, took an unexpected bathroom break about one hour into Monday’s 26.2 mile race.

Instead of speeding ahead, Linden slowed down so she could help Flanagan back into the leaders’ pack.

“She talked about it and said, ‘Hey, I’m going to jump in there,’ and I said, ‘I’ll try and help you back and block the wind,’” she said, referring to position herself between Flanagan and the strong gusts. “I had offered before and I still wasn’t feeling great.”

Linden -- a two-time Olympian and now first-time Boston Marathon winner –- actually told Flanagan early on in the race that she thought she would not finish.

As the race began Monday in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, the temperature was 40 degrees with a wind chill of 29 degrees, and wind gusts reached 30 mph.

"It was tough conditions and everyone was kind of hurting," Linden said. "I thought early on that I might be pulling the plug, so I just kind nudged her and said, ‘Hey, if I can block the wind or help at all, let me know.’"

"There was a ton of American pride on the line so it was just keeping our best people in the front," she added of why she helped Flanagan during the race. "I was just trying to do what I could do."

Instead of dropping out of the elite marathon, Linden, of Michigan, easily won the race in 2 hours, 39 minutes and 54 seconds, according to the Boston Athletic Association.

Flanagan, a four-time Olympian, told "GMA" the race conditions were the "most brutal, gnarliest" conditions she's ever faced in a competition.

She credited Linden with keeping her in the race. Flanagan, of Oregon, finished in seventh place with a time of 2 hours, 45 minutes and 52 seconds.

"I’m so happy she just stuck with it," Flanagan said of Linden. "I think just kind of having each other and having a great American field fueled us to keep going."

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iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Here are the scores from yesterday's sports events:

N-Y Yankees  12, Miami  1

Tampa Bay  8, Texas  4
Oakland  8, Chi White Sox  1
Seattle  2, Houston  1
Baltimore at Boston  11:05 a.m., postponed
Kansas City at Toronto  7:07 p.m., postponed


Colorado  6, Pittsburgh  2
Washington  8, N-Y Mets  6
Atlanta  2, Philadelphia  1
Cincinnati  10, Milwaukee  4
L-A Dodgers  10, San Diego  3
St. Louis at Chi Cubs  7:05 p.m., postponed

Miami  113, Philadelphia  103
Golden State  116, San Antonio  101


Toronto  4, Boston  2
New Jersey  5,  Tampa Bay  2
Colorado  5,  Nashville  3
San Jose  8,  Anaheim  1

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